The Bass Club Benefit Tourney

Join The Bass Club For Our 7th Annual
Charity Event Benefiting Lance’s Fight!

11/30/2019 at Stowaway Marina – Lake Conroe

Lance Stringer, co-owner of Impulse Fishing rods, is an amazing down to Earth man. Some of you may also know his wife, Kari and their 14-yr old son, Holden Live a simple life. Lance is one to always offer help to others, now he and his family need OUR help.

In November 2018, Lance was diagnosed with Leukemia which lead to a severe infection that required surgery as well as mounting medical bills (over $100K), due to no insurance. In January, he began treatments at MD Anderson, however due to a deficiency, Lance is not able to receive traditional chemotherapy. He receives a chemotherapy in pill form but recently was told it was not effective. At this time, we are told he cannot be cured, but he can manage it with a lifetime of treatments.

With the support of his family and community, he will continue to fight his cancer and place his trust in God. Lance and his family will continue to share their story to inspire others.

If you have an IMPULSE to help Lance, please join us and visit:

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